Friday, August 26, 2005

In Between There Were Other Articles Too

Between all the writing for some of the major magazines of the time there were a few other minor articles published in a few other publications that I should mention:

  • VIC-20 Operating System Bugs (Torpet, Sep-82, p.10)
  • Award Winning Program (73 Magazine, Nov-82, p.94)
  • New Product Information (Money Machine, Issue 3.2.2, p.7)
  • New Product Information (Money Machine, Issue 4.2.3, p.4)

Plus there were trade shows like the World of Commodore in Toronto, the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago and others. I also participated in a few discussion groups and made a few presentations from time to time as well. Then the online world really started taking off and I wound up getting more and more involved with QuantumLink, PC-Link, America Online, Delphi and others.


  • I was talking with some friends yesterday and it was noted that perhaps the biggest hallmark of the 20th century is the shift to a society where most of our most notable accomplishments, important and worthy in their own right, are also the most ephemeral. Think of all the mental power used in learning 6502 coding in the late 70s/early 80s and yet who really needs to know the undocumented opcodes today? Or the great graphics displays accomplished by clever raster tricks... with 2048x1536 resolution available on cheap cameras these days, a way of being is becoming lost. Thanks for your blog and for documenting in some way what happened in these times!

    By Blogger Rev. Alex Klages, at 10:51 AM  

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