Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kilobaud Microcomputing & the PETpourri Column

Wayne Green eventually got out of Byte magazine and started another microcomputing magazine called Kilobaud Microcomputing. For a while I was writing for both computer magazines and then concentrated primarily on Kilobaud, all the while still writing for the 73 amateur radio magazine. I wound up writing a monthly column in Kilobaud called the PETpourri that focused on the Commodore line of computer systems. The column was actually started by another author who only wrote one or two columns before it disappeared. I talked to the magazine and they let me take over the column starting in January of 1980. Each month I covered new products, programming tips, ticks and techniques, plus anything else related to Commodore systems. That column lasted for about four and a half years (54 months) before Kilobaud faded and RUN magazine was started. My last column appeared in the June 1984 issue.

Besides the monthly column, I also wrote a number of articles for Kilobuad over the years including a few major utility programs. The one I remember the most was a utility program called Diskmaster that was an automatic disk cataloging program that would read the directory blocks on floppy disks and build a database listing all your programs and what disk they were on. I also wrote a 6502 assembler, disassembler and simulator package for developers that was written entirely in BASIC. There were a total of 12 of my articles that appeared in Kilobaud Microcomputing besides the 54 regular columns. Plus my name was on the masthead as an associated editor of Kilobaud Microcomputing from September 1980 to May 1984.

Here's a list of my individual articles that were published in Kilobaud Microcomputing besides the PETpourri columns:
  • Writing Diagnostic Routines (May-78, p.42)
  • PET's Keyboard Grows Up (Oct-79, p.82)
  • New Additions to the Commodore Line (Jul-80, p.36)
  • Write Self-Modifying PET Programs (Sep-80, p.30)
  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (Jan-81, p.48)
  • Find That Program (May-81, p.200)
  • Atari's Assembler Editor (Jul-81, p.74)
  • A BASIC Assembler for the PET (Nov-81, p.114)
  • Disk Master (Jun-82, p.56)
  • Black Friday (Sep-82, p.88)
  • Commodore Launches A Winner (Mar-83, p.98)
  • Atari Sound & Graphics (May-83, p.124) - book review


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