Saturday, August 27, 2005

Last But Not Least .info Magazine

I can't forget one of the last magazine that I wrote for, .info magazine that started with the C64 as INFO=64 and then later concentrated on the Amiga. When Jim Oldfield stopped publishing his Midnite Software Gazette, .info magazine fulfilled the subscriptions and I did some writing for them as well. There were only a few product review type articles that they published, but I was pretty close with their publisher and editor.

Mark Brown, one of the original editors of .info magazine now has a website at www.atomicairship.com with lots of their magazine history, links to various Commodore resources and more. Pretty interesting stuff if you want to check it out.

From late 1987 through 1988 there were a total of 6 of my product review articles that were published in .info magazine:

  • Review: Microtroll (Sep/Oct-87, p.47)
  • Review: CCSZ Clock/Calendar (Nov/Dec-87, p.46)
  • Review: Assembler & Shell (Mar/Apr-88, p.76)
  • Reviews: Promenade C1 & Capture (May/Jun-88, p.59)
  • Review: Micro Detective (Jul/Aug-88, p.54)
  • Review: C128 Developers Kit (Sep/Oct-88, p.56)


  • Bob, I've added a link to this page from your bio blurb on my INFO magazine history page.
    -Mark R. Brown

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:23 PM  

  • Sorry. Blew the link:

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