Friday, August 19, 2005

Writing for Byte Magazine

I was writing for 73 Magazine when the publisher, Wayne Green, decided to start Byte. He selected Carl Helmers as the editor and Carl and I met at my home while I was living in New England to discuss the magazine content, layout and the first issue. I was going to write some articles for the magazine to help get things started. Since I was working for Digital Equipment at the time, I wrote an article on their new LSI-11 microcomputer system that was supposed to be in the first issue of Byte. Unfortunately the legal department at DEC couldn't get that article approved until after the publishing deadline for the first issue passed. So my major article appeared in the SECOND issue of Byte instead of the premier issue, but I did manage to get a smaller article and a word puzzle in the premier issue!

My name was actually included in the magazine masthead from June 1976 to May 1977, being listed as an associated editor. I wound up writing a number of articles for the magazine, many on assignment covering topics related to the theme in certain issues. I wrote a number of articles covering new microprocessors, new technology and more. Plus I generated a number of word puzzles for the magazine as well. Over the course of two and a half years I had a total of 23 articles publishing in Byte magazine before moving on to other publications.

Here's a list of my articles that were published in Byte:
  • Powerless IC Test Clip (Dec-75, p.26)
  • Word Hunt (Dec-75, p.18) - word puzzle
  • New Mini-Microcomputer System (Jan-76, p.12) - DEC LSI-11 article!
  • An 8080 Microprocessor OP Code Table (Feb-76, p.84)
  • Numbers (Feb-76, p.69) - word puzzle
  • Microprocessor Update: CP1600 (Mar-76, p.46)
  • Space Ace (Mar-76, p.77) - word puzzle
  • Microprocessor Update: TI TMS9900 (Apr-76, p.64)
  • Space Ace Revisited (Apr-76, p.12) - word puzzle
  • Puzzle Time (May-76, p.84) - word puzzle
  • Components & Parts (Jun-76, p.64)
  • Put the "Do Everything" Chip In Your Next Design (Jul-76, p.40)
  • Tool Box (Jul-76, p.39) - word puzzle
  • Microprocessor Update: SC/MP Fills A Gap (Sep-76, p.76)
  • Keep Pace With The Times (Oct-76, p.82)
  • Don't Waste Memory Space (Dec-76, p.58)
  • Product Description: OSI (Jan-77, p.94)
  • Black Friday (Jan-77, p.56)
  • Microprocessor Update: F8 System (Feb-77, p.88)
  • Baker Street Irregular (Feb-77, p.86) - word puzzle
  • Microprocessor Update: 8008 (Apr-77, p.110)
  • BASICally BASIC (Jul-77, p.96)
  • KIMER: A KIM-I Timer (Jul-78, p.12)


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