Saturday, September 10, 2005

Q-Link's Online Experts

Here's the complete text from the original article published in the 1980's covering Jim Butterfield and myself, our involvement with the Commodore market and our work on Q-Link.....

Q-Link's Online Experts Lend Their Time & Talent

Q-Link has attracted a group of the nation's most respected Commodore computer experts, providing members with current and reliable information on the technical and fun aspects of computing.

The experts host forums, lead topical discussions, and answer questions on message boards. Two of these people, Jim Butterfield and Bob Baker, share a devotion to computers and to Q-Link.

Q-Link's Long-time Guru, Jim Butterfield

Jim is one of the most famous computer masters on Q-Link. He has written numerous public domain software programs, and in particular, utility programs for the Commodore.

Jim's career brought him to the early stages of computer development. In the late 1950's, he specialized in data transmission, computers, and electronics. This interest led to his involvement with the first single-board microcomputer.

In 1976, Jim co-authored "The First Book of KIM," a companion volume to an early small computer. Another of Jim's popular books, "Machine Language for the Commodore 64, 128, and Other Commodore Computers," is a straightforward manual on the inner workings of the Commodore.

A prolific writer, Jim has authored numerous articles on computing which appear in Compute!'s Gazette, Compute!, where he is associate editor, and other technical publications.

In his hometown of Ontario, Canada, Jim is a well-known television celebrity, having produced his own TV show on computers. He is also the principal computer consultant for the "Bits and Bytes" television series aired on public television.

Jim was one of the first experts to host forums on Q-Link, and he continues to hold monthly "open topic" sessions in People Connection's Auditorium. Here, he'll answer any and all questions about computing. Look for his meetings scheduled in the Update calendar.

Bob Baker's Inside Connections

Bob Baker has been involved in the evolution of the Commodore since it's inception. He has also been a key player in the development and enhancement of Q-Link.

After earning his degree in engineering, Bob became immersed in computer programming. He was on the ground floor of research and development of super micros for multi-users.

In the Commodore Realm, Bob has been around since the very early days of the 2001 Series Commodore PET. Bob became a syndicated columnist and followed the development of Commodore machines by writing stories for Byte Magazine, Compute! and Commodore Magazine.

Hot News on New Products

Bob's connections as a reporter give him access to press releases and to information from software manufacturers before the public sees it. Bob brings this information straight from the manufacturers to Q-Link. "I put this information on Q-Link message boards in CIN even before computer magazines publish it," he said. This information can be found in the "New Product Information" area of the Commodore Information Network.

The New Product Information area is a collection of special message boards for the C64, C128, Amiga and now the PC10/IBM clones. Bob scans hundreds of publications before they reach the market and posts the news on these boards.

Bob is now concentrating on building a database of new product information. When he's finished, Q-Linkers will have access to one of the largest databases on new product information available. "The database will contain a listing of nearly 5,000 products with a short description, the price of the product, and what computer it runs on," Bob said.

Bob also holds monthly gatherings in People connection's Auditorium. Find out about new products, bring questions, and learn what's in the works for your computer.


  • "Work is being done to bring Quantum Link back to life.
    Here's what you'll need to connect from a 64/128 over the internet."


    That's right now not 15 years ago!

    -Raymond Day

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  • Interesting perspective on the qlink stuff, I have a friend that is very much a believer...she pointed me to some of the research studies relating to the "live blood analysis", which is the most interesting of the studies that they have published IMHO.

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