Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Time to Move On...

All the time I was involved with my newswire, managing my database, writing for the magazines and book publishers, consulting and a number of other activities -- I was also holding down a full time technical job as a programmer and later as a Network Administrator or Help Desk Analyst in the IT industry. I started out working on all sorts of computers from the smallest microcomputers to some of the largest mainframes, but mostly in the diagnostic or test engineering environment. The last eight years are when I switched to Information Technology, originally as a Network Administrator, then a Helpdesk Analyst and lately as the IT Site Manager for an electronics manufacturing facility that is now being closed.

The company I've been working with for the last 13 years has gone through quite a number of transitions over the years with multiple acquisitions and name changes. Just this past June we were acquired by one company and they quickly sold off the manufacturing operations a few weeks later to one of their contract manuacturers. The manufacturing operations is being moved to Texas so my position is now being eliminated along with everyone else here in manufacturing.

So, I'm now looking for something new to do and would certainly appreciate any leads or inquiries. Staying in IT or even going back to programming would be ideal, but I'd also be interested in trying something new as well. My only problem is current family obligations requiring me to stay here in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area, but I would be able to handle some amount of travel if necessary.
Robert W. Baker