Friday, December 26, 2008

Commodore Hong Kong Production Line Photos

I was one of two Commodore test engineering employees sent to Commodore's Hong Kong manufacturing plant in December of 1992 for the pilot production run of the Amiga 600 computer system.

Recently I came across the original photos I had taken while I was there at the manufacturing facility. The 20 photos I found show the surface mount line, various assembly lines and test equipment as well as the manufacturing engineering office and lab areas.

The original photos were shot with a 35mm camera so I scanned the prints into digital files that are approximately 2900x2000 pixels at 600dpi resolution. I've made the files available on a CD-ROM I'm offering on eBay if anyone is interested, check my current auctions for more information and some small sample photos that I've included at 200x140 pixels.

By the way, when I was in Hong Kong on this trip they made a batch of custom business cards for me that were printed in English on one side and Chinese on the other. I just found a box of these cards when I found the photos and I've made a few available on eBay as well. Really something unique, especially for those looking for early Commodore collectibles!

There is a link on my blog that will take you to my current auctions that also include copies of the Commodore CDTV Burn-In CD #2, my Commodore-64 Programmer's Library, a historical computer news archive CD from my AOL New Product News newswire plus copies of the Commodore business card from Hong Kong!


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