Friday, December 26, 2008

Historical Computer News Press Release Archives

Here's another find from my archives that I recently put on eBay .... copies of all the computer news articles that I published via my New Product News areas on America Online, Delphi and other online services. I've recompiled all the articles on a CD-ROM that I've been offering on eBay. The package includes over 35,000 original full text news releases from various companies and individuals throughout the computer industry that were distributed during 1991 through 1997. Also included are over 100 white papers, backgrounder reports and other general computer industry documents that were also distributed through the newswire along with the press releases.

The news articles are provided on CD-ROM in two formats -- standard text files as well as WinHelp files. The document files are mostly in plain text files with a few in Microsoft Word format.

Besides the normal, monthly press releases there are complete press kits from the PC Expo computer shows held in New York during those years plus the NetWorld 1992 show in Boston and the Developers Conference/Business Solutions Conference in 1994 held in San Jose, CA.

Other Commodore related things I occasionally have listed on eBay include my Commodore-64 Programmer's Library, a re-mastered CDTV Burn-In #2 Test CD-ROM, photos of the Amiga production line in Hong Kong and my original Commodore business cards from Hong Kong. Check out the link on my blog to my current eBay auctions or my Commodore related website pages for more info.

I've been cleaning out the attic so who knows what I'll find next in my archives!


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