Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magazine Article Archives Now Available Online

I recently moved all my Commodore information, including my Commodore-64 Programmer's Library, the Commodore CDTV Burn-in #2 Test CD-ROM, Commodore Hong Kong Amiga Production Line Photos and my Computer Industry News Archive covering 1991-1997 to my new website at http://cbm.bobnj.com

Several months ago I scanned most of my magazine articles from the original magazines, along with the magazine cover, index pages and masthead information.

Now I've added all the scanned magazine articles to a newly added page on my website at http://cbm.bobnj.com/archives.htm. The articles are organized by magazine, including 73 Magazine for radio amateurs, Byte, Commodore Magazine, Commodore PowerPlay, Compute!, Kilobaud/Microcomputing, Midnite Software Gazette and RUN. All told, there are over 130 articles available -- including all of my PET-pourri columns from Kilobaud/Microcomputing and all of my Inside QuantumLink columns from Commodore Magazine. These articles were originally published between 1975 to 1989.