Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Associate Editor For RUN Magazine Too

As Kilobaud Microcomputing magazine started to wind down I started writing for RUN magazine from the same publisher. RUN was more VIC-20 and C64 oriented and many in that market hadn't seen some of my earlier work. So the magazine wound up republishing a few of my earlier articles along with a number of new articles and reviews (mostly on assignment). In particlar, the popular BASIC program compactor and uncompactor utilities were redone for the C64 and republished in Nov 1984.

I was listed on the magazine masthead as an associated editor from January 1984 through February 1986. During that time there were a total of 14 articles published.

Here's a list of my articles that were published in RUN magazine:
  • C-64 Word processing Demystified (Jan-84, p.58)
  • Machine Language for Beginners (Jan-84, p.142) - book review
  • Be a VIC Memory Miser (Feb-84, p.84)
  • Disk Master Revisited (Feb-84, p.100)
  • Review: C-64 Link (Mar-84, p.145)
  • Review: Tricks for VICs (Mar-84, p.142)
  • FORTRAN Overview (Oct-84, p.66)
  • Review: Zaxxon (Oct-84, p.25)
  • Line Squeezer - Compactor II (Nov-84, p.54)
  • Line Expander - Uncompactor II (Nov-84, p.62)
  • Money Manager (Mar-85, p.26)
  • Review: Simon's BASIC (Apr-85, p.94)
  • Anatomy of the 1541 Disk Drive (Apr-85, p.135) - book review
  • Review: Mach 5 (Oct-85, p.20)


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