Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Commodore Magazine & Inside QuantumLink

While writing for Kilobaud Microcomputing and RUN, Commodore had asked me to write a few articles and reviews for their magazines - Power/Play and later Commodore Magazine. While writing sparadically for Commodore I was also writing for Midnite Gazette as well. Then in 1987 Commodore asked me to write a monthly column called Inside QuantumLink that covered everything and anything relating to the QuantumLink online service. At the time, I was heavily involved with QuantumLink and managing my online news service, so needless to say it was a busy time.

The Inside QuantumLink column ran from January 1987 to October 1989 with 34 columns published. Before the column there were 5 articles published in each of Commodore's magazines.

Here's a list of my articles that were published in Commodore Power/Play magazine:

  • Solitaire for the C64 and PET/CBM (Vol II #3, Fall-83, p.106)
  • Review: Pharoah's Curse (Mar-85, p.32)
  • Review: Puzzle Mania (Mar-85, p.36)
  • Review: Gyruss (Sep-85, p.24)
  • Disk Master'86 (aug/sep-86, p.130)
And here's a list of my individual articles that were published in Commodore Magazine besides the Inside QuantumLink columns:

  • House Inventory for the C64 (Vol 4 #4 Issue 25, p.113)
  • House Inventory Printer (Vol #5 Issue 28, p.94)
  • The CHRGET Routine (Apr-85, p.120)
  • BASIC 7.0 Tokens (Apr-86, p.60)
  • Inside the 1571 Disk Drive (May/Jun-86, p.156)


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