Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remember the Midnite Software Gazette ?

After the writing with Kilobaud Microcomputing and RUN wound down, and I was getting involved with the Commodore magazines plus QuantumLink, my good friend Jim Oldfield asked me to help him with some articles for his Midnite Software Gazette. This was a monthly newsletter that covered everything Commodore related. We had known each other for years so I was more than glad to help. He actually listed me as an associate editor on his newsletter from October 1985 to June 1986. There were 24 of my articles published, including a bunch of new utilities and technical notes/hints, plus a number of reviews Jim asked me to cover for him.

It was really fun writing for Jim since there were no real constraints and I got to write a few very interesting programs. The BASIC Variable cross reference utility actually turned out to be a very handy tool! So was the BASIC program line number crossreference utility. Plus we redid my BASIC program compactor and uncompactor tools for the C128 system. And there were a lot of notes and programming information on the floppy disk drives, plus machine language programming.

If you pay attention, you'll notice that we published a number of QuantumLink Hints in the Midnite Software Gazette before the Inside QuantumLink column started in Commodore Magazine. This is sorta where that column idea was born!

I do have to give Jim Oldfield a special word of thanks for his support and encouragement throughout the years. I had met Jim at one of the early trade shows after talking on the phone numerous times. Once we met in person, we instantly became really good friends and managed to get together several times a year somehow. We wound up participating at a number of shows over the years and we've stayed in touch throughout the years. Thanks for everything Jim!

Here's a list of my articles that were published in the Midnite Software Gazette:
  • Hexadecimal File Dump Utility (Oct-85, p.17)
  • BASIC Variable Cross Reference (Oct-85, p.19)
  • C128 Notes (Nov/Dec-85, p.33)
  • C128/1571 Hints (Nov/Dec-85, p.34)
  • 1571 Notes (Nov/Dec-85, p.35)
  • 1571 Double Sided Format (Nov/Dec-85, p.36)
  • Program Load Address Fix (Jan-Feb-86, p.29)
  • QuantumLink Hints (Mar-86, p.44)
  • 8023P Printer Device Number Selection (Apr-86, p.28)
  • BASIC Program Line Number Crossreference (Apr-86, p.29)
  • Review: 35 Amazing Games for C128 (#33, p.06)
  • CBM MPS1000 Printer Review (#33, p.12)
  • QuantumLink Hints (#33, p.25)
  • Sequential Data File Spliter (#33, p.33)
  • Simple Copy (#33, p.35)
  • Compactor 128 (#34, p.30)
  • Uncompactor 128 (#34, p.32)
  • Getting Started in Machine Language Programming (#36, p.26)
  • Review: Drag Race Eliminator (#38, p.18)
  • Review: Time DOS (#38, p.20)
  • Review: Super Disk Librarian (#38, p.20)
  • Review: Disk Librarian v2.2 (#38, p.22)
  • Review: 1541/1571 Drive Alignment (#38, p.23)
  • Comments on 1541 Directory Expansions (#38, p.38)


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